Fungi Generator

The Fungi System enhances your 3D scenes with fully procedural, intricately detailed, and animated oyster mushrooms. This Geometry Nodes setup provides comprehensive control over the size, rotation, rugosity, and growth of the scattered geometry. The animation is achieved by manipulating the scale and location of the Empty Effector. To optimize viewport performance, a low-resolution option is also available. For even more precise control, the system offers the Empty Controller feature, allowing you to determine the placement of mushrooms based on the location and scale of an empty. Furthermore, mushrooms facing the controller location can dynamically rotate towards it. The Fungi System also includes a customizable procedural shader, enabling you to achieve the perfect look for your specific needs.
What's included in the pack

– A geometry node system that scatters oyster mushrooms on any object or collection

– A procedural fungi shader

File type


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