Rock Generator

The Rock Generator System is a tool that enables you to transform any surface into a diverse and realistic rocky ground. By utilizing fully procedural rocks, you have full control over their shape and the amount of noise applied, resulting in a highly customizable scene. For precise control over the placement of rocks, the system offers the option to use a weight map. Additionally, the Z map can be activated to apply a distribution filter based on positive normal Z values of the mesh. The Rock Generator System consists of two geometry node modifiers: the Rock Generator and the Rock Scattering. By combining these modifiers, you can achieve the most satisfying and visually appealing results. In addition, the pack includes a customizable procedural shader. This shader allows you to fine-tune the appearance of the rocks to perfectly suit your specific needs.
What's included in the pack

– Two geometry node systems for generating a realistic rocky surface
– A versatile procedural rock shader for enhancing the visual quality of your scene

File type


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