Adaglossum Font

Adaglossum orchids were created as a hybrid of two other species. They have a unique & beautiful inflorescence that contrasts with the body of the whole plant. This contrast was translated into lettering in Adaglossum font, designed to remind the reader of an old fairytale book, where each chapter was introduced with an ornate, illustrative letter. The same principle is used in the Adaglossum typeface. All capital letters are distinctive, with their organic shapes inspired by nature & Art Nouveau. The curves & swirls seem to be growing like wild vines or flower buds, making the letter come to life. Lowercase letters remained simple and easy to read. They flawlessly match their decorative counterparts, creating a beautiful set. The story written using the ‚Adaglossum’ typeface promises to bring the reader into magical alternate universes & enchant them with its promise of uniqueness. The Adaglossum font is the effect of the creative clash of two artists - Ada Sokół and Arthur Teboul Zaïane. It’s fully usable with Polish and French special signs.
  • display
  • serif
  • regular
  • medium contrast

Personal use only


*If you are interested in the commercial license – please contact us directly for more information

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