Stalactite Generator

The Stalactite Generator is a powerful and versatile system that transforms any 3D scene into a breathtaking, fully procedural, and magical cave environment. With this system, you have complete control over the size, length, thickness, and number of both stalactites and stalagmites generated. Additionally, there is a convenient option for quick column creation. To enhance the realism of the geometry, the system provides precise control over the noise deformation. Furthermore, to optimize viewport performance, a low-resolution option is available. Designed to mimic various cave environments, the Stalactite Generator offers extensive flexibility for experimentation with settings. It offers multiple ways to input geometry, including applying the "Stalactite Generator" geometry node modifier to the desired mesh object for scattering stalactites or creating a completely new mesh object and applying the modifier to it. In addition to its powerful geometry generation capabilities, the Stalactite Generator includes a customizable procedural shader. This enables you to achieve the perfect visual appearance tailored to your specific needs.
What's included in the pack

– A comprehensive geometry node system that efficiently scatters both stalactites and stalagmites on any object or collection
– A versatile procedural cave shader that enhances the visual quality of your cave environment

File type


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