Cuban tree frog 3D model

Cuban tree frog (Osteopilus septentrionalis) This package offers a realistic Cuban tree frog model along with comprehensive usage instructions. The model consists of a fully rigged and textured mesh at real-world scale. The rig was custom created using the Rigify tool in Blender and is ready for animation. Textures were created by using shader nodes within Blender. Model, displacement and bump maps were created in ZBrush. The image textures for eyes were created in Substance 3D Painter. For optimal results please use the cycles renderer.

Blender file


Vertices Cuban tree frog model: 13,896

Vertices for one eye: 389

Altogether vertices: 14,674

Rigging and other animations

The model is rigged with the Rigify tool, making it user-friendly and easy to control. Additionally there are Shape Key animations for eye movement and breathing motion. You can utilize already made shape keys to precisely adjust and create the desired eye movement and a breathing effect.

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